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Help with drop-down list and image upload


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I created and uploaded a business card design to one of my Marcom printOne sites.

I want to give the user a drop-down with the following options:

- Calendar

- Appointment

- Lines

- Upload Your Own Image

If the user selects any of the first three options, the corresponding graphic resource (from the Library) fills the picture box on the template. Easy enough.

If the user selects the last option, I want to give the user the option to browse/upload their own image.

How do I add the last option? (I know I have to put a "Browse" button on the form but I ONLY want the user to be able to upload an image if they selected the last option in the drop-down list). If there's no way to enforce that, then I still want to give the user the ability to upload their image.

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You should be able to do this using 2 Graphic frames in the same position. In addition you would need to have a graphic field for the upload and another for the initial drop-down.


With the 2 Graphic frames, one will have a rule where the first 3 options will trigger the appropriate image and the upload you own returns nothing. Next, you will need to create a "Conditional Visibility" UI Rule, where if 'Upload...' is selected the Graphic field for the second frame displays in the form. When you have a Graphic field with no images associated to it and the upload active, only the "Upload" button appears.


This should do the trick!

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