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Hello All,


I have been working with Fushion Pro for about year now.

Basically doing fairly easy stuff, mailing and match mailing

on a Nexpress 2500. We are now getting ready to step it up a bit

with variable data on both sides of a post card, the front has a picture

change (9 photos) and name change, the name has to match the mail

address on the back. The customer sent in a Indesign file with 9 fronts

and one common back which the back gets a address change. And we have

one mail list for this. Everything I have ever done has been a front and a back

postcard with only the mail address changing, so I send it to the press via hot

folder and it's all good. So were I am confused is how do I do setthis file up with

only the one back, so it uses the the 9 different fronts through out and puts in

the one common back with a address change for a 15,000 press run...


Not sure if I explained this correctly or not, but I hope so...


Thanks and any help would be appreciated....



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You need to go into Manage Pages -> Page Usage in FP Desktop, and for all 9 different front Body pages in your template, name them and set them to Unused. Then you need some logic like this in OnRecordStart:

FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage(Field("PageToUse"), true);

Search this forum and the Rules Guide for "SetBodyPageUsage" for examples. If you post what you have so far, including the data, I (or someone else) may be able to offer more specific suggestions.

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