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Numbering 3 Part Forms 2up on 11x17


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We recently purchased Fusion Pro Desktop 7.1. I'm having trouble with our first numbering job. We're printing & numbering 3 part carbonless forms. I have it 2up on 11x17. Each number has to repeat 3 times, then go in sequential order from 26850-28351. So all together it's 4,500 parts on 2,250 sheets that will be cut in half. So numbers 26850-27600 have to go sequentially through one side of the stack, and numbers 27601-28351 have to go sequentially through the other side of the stack. That way we can just cut it in half & everything can be in order. I know this program can do that, but I must be missing a step. We can cut the paper in half before we send it if necessary, but we'll be charged twice as many clicks so I'm trying it this way first to save the owner money.


I used the "sequential numbering rule" and "OnRecordStart" or "repeatRecordNumber" rules. I tried to set it up so it's 1,500 records each repeated 3 times (4,500 pages total in the final PDF). When I generated the new PDF it was multiple pages, but only had the same number repeated over and over again. I want to make sure the number on the left and the number on the right are setup to sequentially go through a different set of numbers since it's 2up. I assume I need to set up a different set of rules for each variable text frame, but it seems like all of the code gets pooled together.


When I choose the output file name am I choosing another version of the PDF without numbers to be used as a background for the variable data, or am I just choosing a new file name for what will be created? I'm refering to all the training guides, but it seems like I'm missing a step or maybe not entering the code correctly. I don't know much about java or coding in general, so if anyone is able to post the exact codes I should be using to do this job I would appreciate it so much. This job is due today, so please help! Thank you!



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Here's a screen shot. This is the directions Printable gave me when I emailed them:


"Start out with a one-up template PDF in the exact finish size. Use FP Imposer to define the 2-up on 11x 17. Since it is 3 part carbonless paper you are printing on, you could just duplicate the body page on which the variable frames appear. From the menu, choose FusionPro -> Manage Pages -> Insert Page.


Then click the "Duplicate Existing Page" button and specify whatever number you like in the "Number of pages to insert" box.


Remember, when using the "Sequential Numbering Rule", you need to set your start and ending numbers in the "Input" tab's record range option in the Composition Menu before composing."


I did that, but it seemed to generate WAY too many records. I added 2 pages to the original file. Also I don't know how I would be able to choose two sets of sequential numbers with the imposition option.


The screen shot shows how I want the first page to print out. I started out in InDesign with the 2up I had made & exported to PDF with both numbers as variable text frames. Am I able to set up different rules for each variable text frame? It puts all the rules together, and I'm sure that's part of the problem. Last time Fushion Pro composed a PDF it was 4,500 pages (which is correct) but they were all exactly the same like they look here. I don't get it.

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I did say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I was hoping you would post the collected job itself, so that I could look at what your rules are actually doing.


But a few things: Basically, you need to do this in OnRecordStart:

 FusionPro.Composition.repeatRecordCount = 3;

And you should have the "Sequential Numbering Rule" set to start at 26850.


Then, in your text frame, you just need to insert the "Sequential Numbering Rule" variable, and from the Composition Settings, on the Input tab, select from record 1 to 1500. This should generated 4500 records, which each of the 1500 unique numbers from 26850 to 28350, each repeated three time.


Also, you should follow the advice of Support and use a one-up template, and use Imposition to generate 2-up imposed output.

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Thanks for the reply, Dan.


I figured out the step I was missing when I watched one of the online videos about tickets & numbering. Once I saw it step by step it all came together. I learn visually (Graphic Designer- NOT programmer!:() So I wasn't editing the text in the frames & inserting the sequential number rule- I knew it was something really simple. It took all of 2 minutes to set up once I got that step right. I was able to use my 2up from inDesign, just inserted a couple duplicate pages based on the first body page & the job turned out beautifully. What a relief!!! I'm definitley referring to the tutorial videos from now on.


p.s. I still hate code/script- :p but I love the control & options it gives you for each job. So I'm SLOWLY learning...

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