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Using FusionPro Expression Producer


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FusionPro Expression with Producer has the ability to generate individual personalization files in a batch process. I have fielded a few questions about how to do this, so I have put together a set of data files, folders and instructions to demonstrate how you can use Producer.


We do cover this topic in our monthly FusionPro Expression webinar, the schedule can be found here:



If you would like to attend send your request to: training@pti.com


In order to be able to do this you must have the Producer version of Expression. You will also need to have an Expression template to test with (I did not provide one in the ZIP file). Finally, if you choose to use Example 2, you will need to modify the data file as instructed in the Read_Me.txt file.


To give it a try, download & extract the "FPEProducerDemo.zip" file, then open the "Read_Me.txt" file


If this is unclear in any way, you have additional questions or you wish to give feedback, please let us know.




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