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Copying products


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Hello all,

In my one store we set-up products to be deliverable nationally but i also have local customers that need to be delivered by courier or delivery van. Unfortunately, i can't lock out the delivery option for delivery van for national customers. The only option we come up with is to copy all of the products and change the shipping to delivery van. then im going to assign by groups the products that apply national vs. local. Can i copy every active product in one shot or do i have to do this one at a time? We have about 140+ products. Its not ridiculous but anything to speed up the process would help.


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Yes you can copy all of your Product at one time. It will take some time to complete the copy process, but it will in deed copy all 140+. Once copied you will need to use Bulk Ops to update the names of all of the copied Products as they will contain a prefix like "Copy_12345_ProductName".


Happy Copying!

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