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GTIN Barcode


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Does anyone have any information on creating barcodes based on the GTIN Barcode System? From the few things I've found and read, it looks like it's based on the existing UPC barcodes, and I've been able to create UPC barcodes using the GTIN number format, but the results don't seem to resemble the images I have of GTIN barcodes.


Any ideas?




- Joe Ochwat

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Hi Joe,


I think there's a bit of confusion about the terminology here. There's really no such thing as a "GTIN Barcode." The Global Trade Item Number standard merely defines a way to store data; that data can be represented in a myriad of existing barcode formats.


See these pages for more explanation:





Can you be more specific about exactly what data you're trying to encode, and the precise differences between the results you're getting and the results you're expecting?

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