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2 questions


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I have 2 questions.

1. Can you add elements if you make an imposition?

ex. I have a job where I must place 4 pages (148x210 mm) with variable data on a larger (320x460 mm) page and stack the pages. But on each large page there must be some custom (spread)elements. Like marks for punching and for screen printing. Any solution?

2. Is there a way that FP can compose a comma separated TXT file?




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So your saying you want a slug on the press sheet.

I think you could do something tricky. Consider the following:

* Make a larger than final-size template

* on the bottom of the right reading template, place your slug

* make a rule to only bring in the graphic every eight sheet starting

with sheet six (or something)

* adjust the document size and bleeds so that the slug ends up off

the final piece size

* compose


As far as the comma delimited text, this can work. In the Data Definition Wizard, you can test this by selecting "Fixed Length Fields". However selecting the comma delimiter should work as well. Test to see if this helps.

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1) I don't think you can add custom marks in FPImposer. If I were trying to do what you are doing, I would either output a single page composition and take the pages into a 3rd party imposition app (i.e. Preps) where I would add my marks, or I would set up my FP template to include all 4 pages and marks before taking it into FP.


2) Yes, FP can use comma separated data via the data input wizard. You may need to browse all files rather than just recommended file types, or you can just change the file suffix from .txt to .csv -- the contents will not be altered.

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