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Well, the only answer I can give you is, it depends. Some jobs require more memory, some require more processor speed, some require faster hard drives or optimized network access. For FusionPro, especially with FP Expression images, you'll want a lot of memory (RAM). Faster buses and pipeline caches will help as well. The processor speed is probably not as crucial, but again, it depends on the job.


The number of CPUs can be a factor as well. FusionPro itself is mainly a single-threaded app, so you're not necessarily going to get a speed improvement for any given job by having more processors, but if you're running multiple jobs at a time (such as with FusionPro Server), then those extra CPUs will definitely help, as will extra memory. If you're using FP Expression with FusionPro, then multiple processors will help there too, even with one job at at time, since both engines are running in tandem.


Generally, I/O (disk access) is the single biggest factor in composition speed. If you have jobs with large numbers of records, and/or a lot of very large high-resolution images in FP Server, especially if you're using a multi-file output format such as VPS or PPML, you should contact Sales and inquire about some specialized solutions we offer to optimize external resource access, such as load balancing and database image caching. Also, if you're in a distributed system, where you're doing things like accessing images via UNC paths, the networking can be your biggest bottleneck.


We've also found that FP Server tends to runs faster under Windows 7/Vista/Server 2008 than under XP or Server 2003, but again, it depends on specific properties of the machine and the job.


As for FP Server or Direct vs. Desktop, the speed difference can be significant. Again, I can't give you any hard numbers, but you can contact Sales and request a trial version of FP Server or FP Direct and see for yourself.

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