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Signature into a text frame


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Is it possible to put a image into a text frame so it moves to the flow of text.

There can be 1,2 or 3 variable address lines all the text moves down but the signature is static and stays in the same place. I want the signature to move down with the text.

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A quick way to do this, if the signature is a graphic file added as a resource, is to create a text rule to add the graphic inline. Make sure you check "Treat returned strings as tagged text" and enter a line similar to the code below.


//In this example, assume a graphic resource called Signature
//has been added.
return "\<graphic resource=\"Signature\"\>";


Then insert this rule within your text frame. Depending on how your signature block is setup, you may have to adjust the leading of the lines where the signature is placed. Also, the code above inserts the graphic as the file is sized. To adjust, you can add attributes such as height and/or width.


return "\<graphic resource=\"Signature\" height=\"4500\"\>";

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Thank you for the reply.

After some searching I found a inline graphic rule in the supplied text rules, but yours gives me more options. I will keep this for the future.

Again, thank you very much,

Happy Holidays!

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