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Create Resource with Multiple Pages


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I have a couple of jobs totaling about 100,000 customer supplied 2 page PDFs. I have the PDF name in my data to be able to use the create resource function based on the data field containing the filename. How do I get it to return both pages. I tried the sample template that is posted here using the multiple page PDF and the graphics get pulled in correctly. My problem is that on page two (the overflow page) I need to drop in two text boxes, one for an address block and one for a 2D barcode. When compsoed the text boxes are not returned and I'm assuming that is because that page is set as an overflow page. I know I batch process each PDF into two pages and create two fileds in my data two make to separate rules but with 100,000 PDFs that will be very time consuming. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!


I'm running Windows XP, Fusion Pro 5.1p1d.

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If every record gets two pages, I would not use an overflow page, instead I would set my template up to be two pages. Each would have a graphic frame filling the frame and the second page would have your variable text frames.


I would then create two graphic rules (one for the 1st page and one for the second page). The first page would look like this:


var bg = CreateResource(Field("YOUR RESOURCE FIELD"));
bg.pagenumber = 1;
return bg;


For the second page I would change the "1" to a "2".

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