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return graphic and text in one rule


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Is it possible to combine a text and graphic rule in the same rule?


Depending on which choice a user makes I want a certain text and graphic to show up in one case and certian text (+color) and graphic on the other choice.


Do I have to work with tagged text to get this to work?


Im a newbie when it comes to Javascript so an easy example would have been great.

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If you are trying to get by with "one rule" that returns a graphic in a graphic frame and some text in a separate text frame (as opposed to a graphic that occurs inline with the text as Alex describes above), you can create a function in your JavaScript Globals one time and then call to it from two separate rules so that you don't have to duplicate your code for both purposes.


If you are a newbie to JS, this may be a bit confusing, but explaining in better detail what you want might make it easier for us to give a more specific solution. :)

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