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NOOb Multiple Sequential numbering question


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Greetings one and all,


The lady in our department responsible for using Fusion Pro...left, so I'm trying to get up to speed. I've got the basics of numbering and imposition down, BUT, I have (what I see as) a complex numbering job. One I've never encountered in the 10 years I've been doing graphics work. One 8.5x19 sheet, on the lower half are 6 perforated raffle tickets, with numbers both on the stub and ticket (left/right). Number must count 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005, 0006, and so on (on both sides) then on the next sheet start 0007,0008, 0009, 0010, 0011, 0012. Now, I' have everything set up, fields in place, 6 different numbering rules for each ticket (thought that might be part of the solution...perhaps not) but i can't for the life of me figure out how to get multiple consecutive numbers on the same page, with the first number of the second page picking up at the last number of the previous. We're using an older version of FP (5.1P2B) on Acrobat 7, so that may be part of my problem.


IF anyone has any clues as how to resolve this, or can point me to the place in the manual were it has tips on dealing with this, it would be greatly appreciated.


All this aside, it's a great program and it's allowed us to keep a lot of work in-house instead of sending it out. Thanks guys!



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