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Code39 Barcode with $D EOT Character

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I have run into an issue and am unable to replicate this barcode.

It starts with $D and when I use other barcode creators the {EOT} ascii char 4 shows up correctly.  When I create in FusionPro the character is not converted and simply shows up as $D and the code.

I have tried something like this...  But to no avail.  😕


Thanks! Any help would be greatly appreciated.





FusionPro generated code.png

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I see two pictures, but what are they?  Is one the output from your "other barcode creators" and the other the output from FusionPro?  If so, which is which?  And what are the other barcode creators?

Also, exactly what data are you encoding in each?

Finally, what scanning device and app are you using?  (I can't get the picture that has the text $DJX9C0FZ to scan as a code 39 in any of my scanning apps.)

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