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linebreak with long email adresses


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This is for a business card VDP that will be published using Digital Store Front.


I have a large international client that has decided if their employees email addresses is too long for the designated line on a business card, a linebreak should be inserted after the '@'.


Example, short address:




Example, long address:





This is what they want.


Is there a way to implement this using Javascript, say if the characters exceed a value of 30?


I'm using Fusion Pro Desktop (I have several versions).

Publishing on Digital Store Front

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This looks like another job for Text Measurement:

function WrapEmailAtAtSymbol(text, font, pointSize, width) // width and pointSize in hundredths of points
   var TM = new FusionProTextMeasure;
   TM.useTags = false;
   TM.maxWidth = width;
   TM.font = font;
   TM.pointSize = pointSize;

   if (TM.textLines <= 1)
     return TaggedTextFromRaw(text);

   return TaggedTextFromRaw(text).replace(/(.*)(\@)(.+)$/, "$1@<br>$3");

return WrapEmailAtAtSymbol(Field("email"), "Arial", 1800, FindTextFrame("title").GetSettableTextWidth());

Make sure to check "Treat returned strings as tagged text."


If you're not using FusionPro 6.0 or newer, you'll have to hard-code the frame width in the last paramater instead of calling FindTextFrame and GetSettableTextWidth.

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