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Hi Guys


I have ticket job to print.

I have been supplied pdf files and I have put a sequential number where required.

However the output is complicated and I cannot find a solution that is straight forward.


Each pdf is made up of 7 pages each page has 4 tickets to view, (number) is what I am inserting....

Page 1

A number

B number

C number

D number


Page 2

E number

F number

G number

H number


These pages are being numbered 1-25.


How do I output the sequential number file into

Page 1 1-25


Page 2 1-25


not page 1 1 then page 2 1 ect .


I need to finish these tickets in stapled books and I don't want to have to do each page individually as there are 6 files to be processed (42 actual ticket versions) to be done :(


So any ideas on the output issue would be greatly appreciated





Fusion Pro Desktop 6.2P1a

Acrobat 8.1

Windows XP SP2

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So if each NUMBER needs to be it's own sequence. Just create a rule that would be named according to it's position(ex: Page 1 A) and insert in the position.


When you Import Data File, select Specify a data source definition, set to NONE for the next step, and finish.


You can go to New Rule, select SEQUENTIAL NUMBERING RULE, enter your start number, and pad to the according start number. Ex: 0003 is your starting number, Pad to 4 digits to start.


You can now insert these rules into each NUMBER example that you listed.


My above scenario would work for if you had only a few versions that you are dealing with. If you are dealing with 42 pages total, you may want to research on how to do CALLOUT pages based on a data file that is setup to call out pages and place rules into each page during the callout.

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