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dynamic barcodes


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So your customer just needs to be able to scan the piece and pull up the sequential number?


I believe you just have your column numbers as follows (ex:0001)








You can apply IDAutomationC39M font to it and should scan with basic hand-held scanners. I would scan the piece itself to ensure that it works.

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pardon my stupidity, what are the asterisks for?



I'm sure Dan can chime-in for a detailed explanation but it is used for the stop/start character in interpretation the data with Code39 barcodes.


If you just had 0001, I believe it won't translate properly from the data to the barcode scanner.


Any barcodes that we do at our shop, we always test them to ensure they work properly in-house. More complex barcodes that the client wants done(UPC labels) we go directly to the customer with it to make sure it scans properly.

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