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Reducing file size..


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This may have been a topic previously discussed, if so just direct me there.

But I'm having an issue with the file sizes of my composed pieces.

Our jobs normally run as 6x9 PostCards 4-Up on a 12x18 sheet. Our runs sometimes end up being 600-1,250 sheet runs (2,000-5,000 piece). Most files that are composed just gray-scale, and the file size isn't incredibly high, so sending to our Fiery print server isn't an issue.

But..... sometimes we have postcards in full color CMYK, and the file sizes end up SO HUGE (2-20 GB) that I cannot send the file as a whole to the Fiery, and I end up sending it in 100 sheet sections. It just ends up being a pain in the neck for me and the printers to keep track of all of the sections.

So, my question is: Is there a way to send whole runs like this by reducing the file sizes or sending it using a different method to the Fiery without sacrificing image quality?

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I am the one who sets up the .pdfs. I set them up in Quark 7... output at 300dpi.



I would output to .ps, distill with the PRESS QUALITY settings and see if that helps. If not, I would RASTERIZE the .pdf in Photoshop at 300 DPI. If too low(font/line art not looking good) try 600DPI.


2GB for outputting with a basic postcard seems like there is something wrong with the VECTOR graphics, choking the RIP with too many points.

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What version of the Fiery platform are you using? Does it accept VDX files? We just switched from a Fiery and the version (can't remember which version, but it was old) didn't support VDX files. If your version does, try composing to VDX. The files size difference huge because your images are only ripped once. Another idea would be to setup a FreeForm template on the Fiery and suppress the graphics before you compose your pdf.


Hope this helps a little.



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