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Graphic Frame not visible on output PDF

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Hi Guys

I would like to display a background tick mark PDF in my finally composed output PDF, but although it is there, I can't see it on the output page.  I have opened the output PDF in Illustrator and when I turn on wireframe, I can see my tick mark PDF (images and text), but it is almost as if it is behind the data printed on the page.

These are my commands in "OnRecordStart", where I define the graphic and position it on the page:

var file = Field("FP_Product_ID");
var path = SERVER + "FusionPro\\StaticImages\\TickMarks\\"; //path for tick mark images in central storage location
var Pic = CreateResource((path + file + "_TickMarks.pdf"), "graphic", true);
var tickmarks = FindGraphicFrame("TickMarkImage");

tickmarks.verticalAlignment = "top"; 
tickmarks.horizontalAlignment = "left";  

The Graphic Frame is created on a template page named "background", and the individual label's graphic and text frames are on the Body 1 page. 

Attached are PNG images of the output page and the wireframe with the tick mark portions highlighted, which do not display on the output page.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Output Page.png


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Well, yes, the template page, which you are presumably setting as the FusionPro.Composition.impositionSheetBackgroundFrontPage in OnJobStart, is named "background," and the content there is indeed in the background, that is, covered up behind the imposed pages, even behind the static background of the imposed pages.  So even though you're calling BringToFront on the frame, it's only bringing it to the front of that background page, and it's still behind the imposed page content.

Maybe you just need to check the "Suppress static PDF background in composition" box on the Graphics tab of the Composition Settings.  Or perhaps some of your frames are filled with a White background color which you need to change to None.

As usual, it's hard to be more specific without seeing the job files.

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