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Help Needed - Error no 1207

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Hi team,

I'm working on a variable data piece using VDP Designer 13.0.4 on Mac. While tweaking my document, FusionPro threw an Error no 1207, preventing me from previewing the document or being able to do any composition. In the past, when errors like this would pop, closing out Acrobat and FusionPro and restarting them would clear it, but I'm having no luck suddenly, even after restarting my computer.

Any assistance that might help me identify the cause of this error, and more importantly, a solution, would be greatly appreciated!

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 6.23.47 PM.png

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Error 1207 is "too much recursion."

This is related to a text replacement rule, either a call to FusionPro.Composition.AddTextReplacement() in a JavaScript rule, or one of the "Replace Text" or "Global Replace Text" Form rules, or more likely, a combination of multiple text replacement rules.

You probably have one rule that does something like "replace A with B," and another rule that does "replace B with A," and that sets up an infinite loop, or infinite recursion, which never gets resolved.

As is my usual mantra, I would have to take a look at the job to figure out exactly where the problem is.

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