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Composing a Complex Text Job (TIME SENSITIVE!)


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I am creating a VDP job for imprinting onto checks. My data file contains many multiple records which are to be sent only one check, but on the stub of the check we are to imprint a table of all the checks that were added into this check.


I had a couple questions on it but muddled my way through. Here is a link to my questions and another summary-ish of the problem.


Now I'm having a new problem at composition-time. All my previews look good and all my output looks good, but FusionPro is sucking a whole ton of memory and is crashing on record #64 out of ~3900. Acrobat is using 1.5GB of memory when it crashes.


About the job, I had to create a custom .js rule for the job to convert dollar amounts in number form into spelled-out text. I had to create a couple text rules, one to drive the table on the stub, and one to aggregate the payments into a single amount.


My question then, is: Are there best practices for efficient code within FusionPro, eg. unsetting variables to free memory? If so, where can I find a good resource to work this out?


Thanks in advance for the help!

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Well, it's actually Acrobat that's crashing — is it safe to infer that since I'm running FusionPro that's causing the crash?


I'm hesitant to contact support only because I have a feeling the answer's going to be "upgrade your software", and while I would love to do that I do not make this purchasing decision and we are on a timeline for the job! :)


Thanks for the response, Dan. We've never had a job of this magnitude and complexity before, and the gist of your response is that FP Desktop just isn't intended to crunch that many records. This is two jobs in two weeks that really pushed the limits, so I think now I have a serious case to make to my owner about upgrading FP.

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