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Sequential Numbering


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I had a project that required me to print 8 numbers on a sheet of 8 labels. The labels where staggered so impositioning was not possible. I wanted to create a rule for each number based upon a global. I tried every way I could and could not get it to work.


Essentially the idea was to create a global variable that I could advance by 8 every record. Then each label rule would add the appropriate number to the global. Example the global was 8000 and label rule #4 would be the global + 4. The problem I had was that I could not get the global to increase. In the eighth rule I told the global to be the global + 8. This leads me believe I have no understanding of how FP scripts work, because in Javascript the global can be effected by a function.


Of course I could be doing this whole thing the hard way.

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Well, without looking at the job I'm not sure I can tell you exactly where it's going wrong, but I think this will work:

  • Define (and initialize) the global counter variable in your JavaScript Globals.
  • Increment the global counter variable only in your OnRecordStart callback rule.
  • Use the global counter variable in your other rules as needed.

Another approach is simply to multiply CurrentRecordNumber() * 8 and use that as the basis for the counter in each record.

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If I have a data file that has a quantity field and I want to create that amount for each record how do I do this? And what if I want to consecutive number them? For example my record has 10 in the quantity field how can I create 10 outputs for that record and also number it 1 of 10, 2 of 10 etc..




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I am trying to do sequential numbering also. But my problem/question seems to be a little different.


I have a 3 up ticket (3 different tickets) voucher that need to be numbered up to 900.

Page 1 will have number 001 and 002 and 003.

Page 2 will have number 004 and 005 and 006.

Page 3 will have number 007 and 008 and 009.

And so on.

001 and 004 and 007 are the same other than numbers

002 and 005 and 008 are the same other than numbers

003 and 006 and 009 are the same other than numbers


Is there a way to number these using a rule, not a data base file?

We go the job done with a data base file.


FusionPro 5.1P2b

Acrobat 7.1.0

OS Mac OS 10.4.11




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