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Can't get font size below 8 pt

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Are there any known issues with copyfitting small font sizes? I have run into this on one project where we had to make the PUrl 5pt and copyfit it so it fit in a limited space. For,the long purls it either broke the line or said it didn't didn't fit. I had everything else set up correctly

I don't know of any issues with small font sizes. However, if you're using full-frame Copyfitting, you need to specify appropriate values for minimum sizes in the MagnifyAttributes object in the OnCopyfit callback rule. Also, if you have a really long "word" such as a URL, you may need to either check the "Do not break on copyfit" box on the Paragraph Formatting dialog, or use the CopyfitLine function, or this variation, instead. (The full-frame Copyfitting algorithm just tries to fit the entirety of the text within the frame or flow; it doesn't guarantee that any particular line won't be broken.)

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