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Return field names instead of values

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Thank you for your response Dan. Here is the scenario as explained to me...


The client's requirement is to be able to compose a VDP job and print a proof set with the field names as opposed to the field values showing. It was suggested that they simply create a dummy data file with one record using the field names as the values. The client outright rejected this idea. They consider this as involving extra typing and inviting opportunity for error.


Although it may be typically assumed that when you get started with a VDP template, you have a data file, or at least know what your date needs to be, in this client's case, they don't. They import the artwork, draw variable text boxes, then create their variable field names on the fly. After this they inform their customer, these are the fields we're working with, please apply these to your data. So the client recieves the actual data at a later time.


The client states this can be done in Microsoft Word mail merge and in Acrobat PDF forms, but they are looking to move to a more dedicated VDP application if they can find one that meets their requirements. In summary, entering field names in "Create new flat file" is acceptable to the client, but any work beyond that is not.


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