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QR Barcodes


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I am using VCard information from a database to generate QR barcodes which is easy.


I need help or an example of a command string that when QR code is read with QR Reader (Mobile Tag) the Vcard information appears with the option to save "Create New Contact" to your cell phone.


If you have SmartPhones (iphone) with a QR Reader like Mobile Tag here is an example of what I am trying to achieve via FusionPro.



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The QR standard itself allows any data, and doesn't define a format for contact information. However, there are several unofficial standards for 2D barcode contents which have fairly widespread adoption:



The most common is probably the MECARD format:



Here's an example of how to use it in FusionPro:

var info = {
   N: Field("Name"),
   TEL: Field("Phone"),
   EMAIL: Field("EMail"),
   URL: Field("Website"),
   NOTE: "add new contact",

var result = "";
for (var label in info)
   if (!info[label])

   result += label;
   if (!label.match(/\:$/))
       result += ":";

   result += info[label];

   result += FusionPro.inValidation ? "\n" : ";";

if (FusionPro.inValidation)
   return result;

return MakeQRBarcode("MECARD:" + result + ";");

You can add any fields you want as properties of the "info" object. Again, the link above has all the possible MECARD parameters. You can modify this to use another standard such as BIZCARD or vCard by changing the property names and possibly adding some text before and after the properties.


We're working on a dialog-based rule wizard with several common fields based on this standard (MECARD).

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