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Using the same graphic at two different sizes


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Hi all!


Is it possible to use the same graphic in two different graphic copyholes within the same template but at different sizes?


I have about 30 variable images a client wants to use but doesn't want to have to create 30 at 100% and 30 at a smaller scaled size (around 87%). Is there a rule I can create that will automatically scale the original image down to fit in the new copyhole? Unfortunately the "best fit" attribute is not an option on this one because it scales the images too small. :rolleyes:



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Well, the whole idea of variable graphic frames and scaling options is that graphics are scaled to the size of the containing variable frame automatically. So yes, of course you can put the same graphic in two different frames (copyholes) of different sizes and have it come out in different sizes in the output. Have you tried the "Fit to Shortest Edge" option?


If the "Best Fit" and "Fit to Shortest Edge" options aren't giving you the results you want, you should be able to simply resize the graphic frame until you get the desired graphic size.


If you don't want to do that, you can place the graphics inline in a text frame instead, by creating a rule which returns a <graphic> tag, with the

width and height attributes set to whatever dimensions you want (in hundredths of a point; 7200 = one inch). Please refer to the FusionPro Tags Reference Guide for more information.

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