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with opentype font not showing correct in exported PDF


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I have a problem with the opentype fonts. It works fine to work with in Indesign and export as a normal PDF. Its installed in c:\windows\fonts.


I have refreshed FusionPro fonts in Acrobat before I start to work in Indesign and Acrobat to be sure the font is in place.


The problem is that I can't find some of the fonts in the document in the font-direcotory but one font cant I find at all in the folder:




I have checked the fonts.err log but there is no sign off the font baka.otf which is in the document. Some other fonts are presented in the document but none of these are related to the document I am working on.


How can I solve this problem with this font? It works well in other programs in PC-enviroment but FusionPro won't correctly install the font for some reason. :confused:

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Hi again.


I have tried enable asian character support and load the fonts again, still the same problem.



Also the other fonts in the document won't show up correctly either. The other font is Akizidenz Grotesk Std with diffrent attributes like bold, light and so on.


Any other Ideas what the problem can be?

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