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Non looping external data


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I have a job that uses an external data file.


I have the code working that loops through the file for each record but it is taking too long.


I only have one instance that needs to be used for each record.


Is there a way to only go through the external data file until it finds the relation, use it and then stop going through the file?


This is an example of one of my rules.


if(FusionPro.Composition.isPreview == true || FusionPro.inValidation == true)

numRecsExtDF = externalDF.recordCount;

for (recordWalker=1; recordWalker <= numRecsExtDF; recordWalker++)

   if (externalDF.GetFieldValue(recordWalker, 'Studio') == Field("Store"))

       if (externalDF.GetFieldValue(recordWalker, 'Flip Prize') == '1')
           return  Resource("29447_Inside_Glatfelter1.p1.pdf");


return NullResource();



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