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Fatal Error Message....


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I recently got a new computer at my work. I installed FusionPro Desktop like I had on the other computer and started working. I made a new template in InDesign, exported it for FusionPro and opened it in Acrobat. Whenever I go to Preview or Compose I get an error message (image below). My old templates that I had made on my old computer still work fine and don't give me the error--just the new template I made.


What I'm running:

Windows 7

FusionPro Desktop 7.0P1d

Acrobat 9.3.3

InDesign CS4

Illustrator CS5 (used to make EPS image resource)


What I've done to try to fix:



  1. Uninstalled FusionPro
  2. Uninstalled Acrobat
  3. Reinstalled Acrobat
  4. Ran Acrobat updates
  5. Restarted
  6. Reinstalled FusionPro Desktop

Started from Scratch:


  1. Trashed all files except InDesign file
  2. Moved file to Desktop*
  3. Re-created artwork
  4. Re-imported artwork to InDesign file
  5. Double-checked exported frame settings on all frames
  6. Re-exported file**
  7. Applied resource to template (NOTE: this resource is used on another template that previews and composes without error)***
  8. Changed image file to an Illustrator pdf****

* to see if it was a problem with where I had my resources, pdf file, etc., I worked entirely off the desktop (quite a mess)


** at this point (with no resources or rules applied), the document will preview and compose


*** at this point (with a resource and no rules applied) I receive the error when trying to compose or preview


**** recommended by tech support; this did stop the error, but I would prefer to use eps files in the templates, because that is the format of most of our images (reformatting them all would take months). My thinking is this may be the only option???


I've contacted technical support and they're in the process of trying to figure out what's going on, but I wasn't sure if anyone else had run across this problem and figured out what was causing it. Any help would be appreciated; I'm exhausted from banging my head on a wall.


Thanks in advance!



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Do you have .eps images that were created from CS4 to test only that would convert during the run?

I saved one of my eps files down to CS4 and another to CS3, tried both separately and received the same message. Instead of using CS5, I tried images that were made in CS4 or earlier (not touched by my CS5 version at all), but I still received the same error. I also tried an image that was made in CS4 that works fine with an older template I have but received the error again.

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The only thing I could see doing is getting the whole CS5 package, completely un-install all Adobe products(http://forums.printable.com/showthread.php?t=1573) and FusionPro, re-install the CS5(install updates), and install FusionPro.< financially might not be possible though for you or your shop.


I can't imagine FusionPro didn't test the CS5 products with Windows 7 for conversion with what you are experiencing. I know, still doesn't explain why you are having problems with CS4 products.....



Other than that. You may want to look into either Scripts that could convert your .eps to .pdf in Illustrator or buying a program that converts .eps to .pdf and let it crank out some of your images overnight to avoid production issues.


Hopefully Printable comes back with a simple solution otherwise.

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I was told that the Illustrator CS5 workflow and features are not yet supported by FusionPro and support for EPS files created in CS5 is slated for release in a later version of FusionPro7. I'm not sure why CS4 EPSs don't work, though.


I hate the idea of changing the format of the images to pdf, but it may be my only option. The issue was submitted to engineering, so maybe I'll get lucky. I'm just surprised no one else seems to have had this problem.


I'll be sure to post an update when a solution is figured out.

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