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Possible bug in Tables using margin settings


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I'm doing a project that needs to have tables flow from one page to another. I'm coding the tables within a rule using the data dynamically from the data file. Here is my code

var strVal = "";
strVal += '<table columns = 3 alignment = "left" HeaderShading="Black,10" Margins="top:70;bottom:10"';
strVal += 'BoxRules="top:medium,Black;bottom:thin,Black" cell rules="top:thin,Black;bottom:thin,Black">';
strVal += '<column width = 23200>';
strVal += '<column width = 7200>';
strVal += '<column width = 19800>';
strVal += '<row type = "header"><cell><f Name="Minion Pro Bold">Executive Programs<f Name="Minion Pro"><cell><cell>';
if (ToUpper(Trim(Field("EAF"))) == "Y")  {
   strVal += '<row><cell>Executive Auto Program<cell><cell>Maximum up to $20,000 per year';
if (StringToNumber(Trim(Field("EPCE"))) > 0)  {
   strVal += '<row><cell>Executive Physical<cell><cell>$' + Field("EPCE") + ' value per year';
if (StringToNumber(Trim(Field("EFCE"))) > 0)  {
   strVal += '<row><cell>Executive Financial Planning<cell><cell>$' + Field("EFCE") + ' value per year';
if (StringToNumber(Trim(Field("ELB"))) > 0)  {
   strVal += '<row><cell>Executive Life Insurance<cell>Volume:<cell>$' + Field("ELB") + ' (3 x annual base pay)';
if (StringToNumber(Trim(Field("ELTDB"))) > 0)  {
   strVal += '<row><cell>Executive Long-Term Disability<cell>Volume:<cell>$' + Field("ELTDB") +' per month';
strVal += '<row><cell>Air Travel Lounge<cell><cell>Maximum $500 annually';
strVal += '</table><p>';
return strVal;

I've coded the Margins to default at 70 (top) and 10 (bottom) within the main table definition section. These settings give me enough of a margin and the top and bottom to make the type appear to be nearly centered within the table row. I've attached a sample of the output that is created when a table flows from one page to the next. Notice that the margins are correct at the top and then they seem to be dropped when the same table flows to page two. All the conditions are working correctly and the header is repeated as it should be on the second page, however all the type is now touching the bottom line. I've even tried to code the margins within each cell definition, but I get the same results.


I'm not using an OverFlow page for this but just linking the two text boxes together with the "Connect TextFrame" link button on the toolbar.


Is this a bug, or have I missed something?


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The reversal of Left and Right margins appears to be true in the Table Object too. WTF!

This is fixed in FusionPro 9.3, although there's a compatibility mode so that older jobs compose the same "wrong" way. This is controlled by the Leading Mode on the Paragraph Globals dialog. If you select "FusionPro 9.3", that will make the left and right margins work properly (un-reversed), and will also fix up some other table leading issues. "FusionPro 3.1" is the older leading that you used to get if you didn't have Legacy Leading checked, and "Legacy" leading is what it's always been.

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