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Document height restriction?


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After much trying and failing I've discovered why this one document has caused me so much trouble.


It seems the magical height limit for preview to work in a PDF is 1155mm. Width does not have the same restriction.


I have a VDM that is 2175 in height (banner) and a deadline next week, is there a way around this or can it be fixed? And where and why is this restriction exactly?


We use Digital Store Front to publish our VDM's. And although I can't confirm it, it seems DFS neither can manage this size as it returns a blank preview.


My specs:

Acrobat Pro 1.8.6

FusionPro Designer 6.2P1a

Win XP SP3 (32bit)

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There is a limitation on page height of template PDF pages of about 45.5 inches, or 3.79 feet. (In geek-speak, this is 327680 in hundredths of points in the DIF file, or 32768 in tenths, i.e. the maximum value for a signed 16-bit integer.) Above that, FusionPro will output a page with the correct size, but the contents will be blank.

So, if you need to compose something very large such as a billboard, you will need to keep the page height under this limit, and scale up on the printer. Billboards don't really need to have 72 DPI graphics anyway.

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