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Using external data, can I...?


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I'm working on a W2P project that will lookup a supplied external data file using a selected identifier(custId). This identifer could produce 1 to 4 known variables in another field in my data(storeId). I want to create a rule that will return which of the 4 variables are present.


I'm thinking that I can accomplish this using a second 'for loop' around my main "1 to recordcount loop" checking for each instance and returning 4 'true/false' variables.


Am I on the right track? Is there another angle that I'm not thinking of?


Any input is appreciated.

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My external data file is a list of transactions completed and for each of our customers. I want to build a statement of transactions based off of the customerID for each storeID found.


I want to build an array of data for the customer found for each state found (Transaction totals and such). The array would then be used to compose my output. Since there could be transactions in more than one store, I want to build a separate statement for each store found. Each statement would have it's specific store information(found in my array).


I spent a week or 2 trying to see if I could run the scripting different so I could just update my store data(new resource) if another store came online, but I guess I could just add to this rule. I haven't tried anyting just yet as I have been busy. I'm now thinking 4 if then statements building my array... That just doesn't seem efficient.


Am I being vague enough? :cool:

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