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Multiple .csv files

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Will Fusion Pro Desktop allow me to automatically compose over 60+ .csv files to .pdf or do I need something else like Fusion Pro Server. The settings are all the same but its just a manual boring task at the moment!!


Mac version 6.0P1e

Acrobat 8


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If you want to automate the task of switching out your input data file and re-composing, then yes, you will need to utilize FusionPro Server with some kind of custom application or batch script. This kind of automated batch capability is exactly what FusionPro Server is designed for.


That said, you may be able to use the ExternalDataFileEx object and the FusionPro.Composition.repeatRecordCount property to read in multiple data files and create output based on the aggregate data in a FusionPro Desktop job, but that's a lot more involved.

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