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Change input fields based on drop down selection

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I am working on an Appointment Card project and my client wants to have several different styles of card.  The cards each have different fields for input.  I want to create a custom form for each card and then display the fields based on the users selection from a drop down.

Example, they select Standard, fields displayed are Department, Division, Drs Name, Dr Title, Dr Department, Address Line 1 Address Line 2, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax

They select Multiple DR, fields displayed are Department, Division, Drs Name 1, Dr2 Name 2, Drs Name 3, Address Line 1 Address Line 2, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax

Basically I want to be able to customize what fields the user needs to complete based on what style of card they are ordering, and refresh the form when they select a card type.

Is this possible?  I am using Fusion Pro v12.

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The form is created from Fusion Pro based on my Data File.    Our company uses Web_CRD from Rochester Software Associates.

When I build my templates, I can create a form within Fusion Pro that gets packaged in my ZIP file when I collect it.   I upload the zip into Web_CRD and it displays the form fields.

I didn't know if there was a way to trigger a rule that would change whether a field is visible or not based on a drop down selection.   I could be barking up the wrong tree completely, but I wanted to start here since everything is being built using the Fusion Pro tools.  


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I see, this is about the Define HTML Form feature (aka "Web Collect").  Thanks for using this!  Glad to know it's still supported in WebCRD by our friends at RSA.

So you can create Parent/Child pick list fields, where the selection in the parent forces a selection in the child.  And you could mark the child field as hidden (not visible), so that the child selection isn't shown.

But there's no way to conditionally hide a field based on another field's selection.  The HTML Form Definition doesn't support that level of sophistication, in terms of complex field dependencies.

You might need separate forms for each input type to accomplish what you want.  Though there may be some other kind of more advanced custom input form offered by WebCRD; that would be a question for RSA.

P.S. It's "FusionPro" (no spaces).

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Thank you Dan!    I appreciate the information.  I kind of figured this was the case based on everything that I was looking at, but I wanted to consult the experts before writing it off and just creating multiple templates.

I will explore the multiple forms option to see what I can dig up about that in FusionPro and how to use it.   

Thank you again! 

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