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Total Outuput time shown in message log

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Good morning everyone,

I was just wondering if it would be possible to output the total processing time for a job in the .msg log. I tried adding code to OnJobStart and OnJobEnd to get the current time and then subtract those two values but i just keep getting 0:0:0 every time. Would this be possible even? My javascript knowledge is very limited.

I am using fusion pro 7.2P1k btw (yes very old i know but its all i have to work with)

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Newer versions already put the total processing time in the log file.

I don't even know if I can answer questions about a 13-year-old version of the product.  Not only is it long out of support, we don't even have anything to run it on here, so I can't verify anything that I would tell you.

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Bit of a stretch here and I'm also not sure if this was available back in 7.2, but in OnJobStart and OnJobEnd rules could you force a listing into the message/log file using the ReportWarning statement? You could try looking at the copyfit command and see how it is worded and then in OnJobStart force a "Today()" statement into there and then in OnJobEnd force another one. That would give you a start and stop time element for the processing. You would have to do some math to get the actual time, but it would give you something to go by.

Hope that helps.


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