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How to use Emoji's in a text field?


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We have a template for a Happy Birthday card where the user can insert a multi-line customized greeting in a Text Field.

One user inserted 'emoji's' in this field and they actually display in the FORM, but when Previewed/Proofed, they don't show up.

When typing in the form, if you 'right-click', sure enough there's an 'insert emoji' choice .... search for Balloon, and insert that multiple times!  Again, it shows in the form, but not the proof.

And, when actually printed, the uni-code value (#127880) shows up instead of the printed piece!  See attached graphics.

So, my ask is this:  is there a way to actually insert emoji's in a text field and get them to print correctly?  Is there some code that would need to be used?  

Or, is the answer that FusionPro may not support uni-code?  And if they do support them, what needs to be done to do that?





Printed Piece.jpg

Job Ticket_21476_362875_e5fvsc3f_press.pdf

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FusionPro does support Unicode, such as Japanese, but not color emoji characters.  You can use an inline graphic instead in your FP template.  Add a resource with a picture of a balloon (or a smiley face, or whatever other emoji picture you want), then make a Graphic rule to return the resource, and insert that rule into the Text Editor.

Now, when you mention, "the form," I assume you're talking about the web form in Marcom Portal.  That probably should not allow emojis.  I would ask your Marcom support representative about that.

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