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2D barcodes


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I have the following barcode rule that we used in FusionPro Desktop 6.0 on our MAC's:

2D Barcode for 6.0 Fusion Pro

barcodeData = "";

barcodeData = "0";

barcodeData += "0";

barcodeData += "03";

recNum = FusionPro.Composition.inputRecordNumber;

barcodeData += FormatNumber("000000", recNum);

barcodeData += "03";

barcodeData += "000";

var DMbarcode = new DataMatrixBarcode;

DMbarcode.pointSize = 3;

DMbarcode.preferredFormat = 7;

return DMbarcode.Make(barcodeData);

We recently downloaded FusionPro Desktop 6.2 on our MAC's and now the above rule does not work. When we go to compose our output file we get an error stating that the IDAutomation font can not be loaded. In the previous versions of FusionPro it did not matter what font we used. Is this different for version 6.2? If so where/how do we get the required fonts? If not is there something about the above rule that I am missing that makes it not work in 6.2?

Thank you.

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By default, FusionPro installs the IDAutomation fonts to "Mac HD : Library :Fonts" folder of the hard drive. As long as the user has the appropriate permissions and the location is not restricted by applications such as Xtensis Suitcase, LinoType or any other font management software, it should be able to capture the information for use with the program. Verify and rerun "Load Fonts>>Load All".
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