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Help Needed Using External Data File


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I am using external data for the first time and attempting to write my rules to pull set field items Phone & Email from the External data referenced to a name field in the original data file. The Rules Validate as OK but it is not pulling the data. Does anyone see anything wrong with my rules.


Basically I want the rule to do the following

If original data field "Counselor" = Jane Doe and External Data Field "Counselor" = Jane Doe then return External Data Field "Phone"


Here is my OnJobStart Rule:


externalDF = new ExternalDataFileEx('/Traceys Production Jobs/VIPP Production Jobs/190113 CVP post card/VIPP Resources/counselors.csv', '\c');


if(externalDF.valid != true)


Print('Failed to link to the external data file in OnJobStart');}

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It looks like you've opened up the data file. (Although I'm not sure '\c' is the right delimiter. You probably want '\t' if it's tab-delimited.) But you have to call the FindRecord and GetFieldValue methods of the object in order to actually pull data from it.
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