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merging final out pdfs together to create one pdf

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Is is possible to merge 2 pdfs together so that the  1st page of the one pdf would now be the 1st page of each of the people in the second pdf.

i.e pdf with 6 pages for each record  and a pdf with 1 page for each record

so  i need for the 1page pdf to now be the 1st page of the merged 7 page pdf for each record

so john smith has six pages in a pdf and john smith has 1 page  in a different pdf

merge them together so that john smith now has 7 pages in a pdf where the 1 page of pdf is now the 1st page of the merged pdf, and so on for each record.


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This sounds similar to this question from this thread from a few days ago:

Though I think, in this case, you could just add the pages from the two FP template PDFs together, into a single template with all seven pages, and just compose that.

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I found this code to pull in the pdf as the 1st page but it does not bring in the correct page.


var r = new FusionProResource(Field("Presort se"), "big", true);

r.name = (Field("Presort se"));

r.pagenumber = CurrentRecordNumber()

if (r.exists) {

return r;


else {

return NullResource();



For the second record it brings in the 1st page of the 1 page pdf again.  Is there a way for it to bring in the 2nd page and so forth for the whole pdf



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