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Impo On Server Not Matching Desktop Version

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I'm creating a template for a auto mailing that will be placed on FusionPro Server and fed information from our website. A customer uploads a document to use as the card and a .csv mailing file. FusionPro will then take the card graphic and read it in and place it as a background graphic, place the mailing indicia and add the supplied address info on the card.


When I created this card on my Desktop version (PC based) everything worked out correctly. When I took the same files and placed them on our server the imposition was WAY off.


The template was created with a background graphic box that measures 9.0625x6.0625 - a 9x6 card with a 0.0625 inch bleed all around - and the box was set to center the image and crop any extra area outside of its border. The imposition of the desktop version reads the boundry and bleed of the template pdf file and imposes the output correctly. However the impo of the server version of FusionPro appears to be reading the boundary of the graphic image and not that of the template PDF file and then uses that incorrect bleed boundry as the set starting point of the imposition.


I've attached a screen shot showing the results from the desktop version, the server version and a shot of the original artwork showing how it is placed on the file. Any ideas?:confused:


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No thought on this one? Have I stumped the panel at Printable?

Well, first off, Imposition questions are too hard to try to answer in the abstract. At least they are for me. :) If you attach a job, or at least a .fpi file, which reproduces the problem, it might be easier for someone to answer.


Also, this isn't really the "stump the panel at Printable" forum. If you really need someone from Printable to take a look, you'll have to go through Support.

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