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Stacks not working when input file is Excel


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Hello! I have a job with an 8.5x11 letter with no bleeds printed 2-up on an 11x17 page set up to make stacks of 1000 sheets, fairly simple stuff. I've used this imposition before and it's worked perfectly.


On a recent job though we had a file with a bunch of Unicode characters, so to preserve those we kept the input file as Excel and connected via ODBC instead of using a csv file as we normally do. Using the same imposition file, it no longer divides the records up properly between the stacks; i.e. records 1 and 2 are on the first sheet instead of 1 and 1001.


As far as I can tell, the only difference between this job and any of the previous ones is the connection to the input file. It's the same imposition file that still works fine on the other jobs. Does Excel via ODBC just not play nice with the FP Imposer, or have I set up something wrong? I generally don't have to worry about accomodating Unicode characters either, so maybe I should be handling this differently?



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The ODBC integration in FusionPro does not support Unicode, so the double-byte Unicode characters in the data file are probably confusing it. I recommend saving to flat-file (in a Unicode format). And using something other than Excel to store your data in the first place.


Also, your signature says you're using FusionPro 5.1, but you need version 5.8 or later for Unicode support. (But the ODBC integration will still be single-byte only.)

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