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group object for overflow


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I have a table layout I'm working on. Inside a text frame I have two tables. The 1st can grow in the number of rows and eventually require an overflow page if needed.


I properly set header and footer that make this table work correctly during overflow.


However the second table that must show up directly after the first table must stay together. It's only 3 rows - Header row and two detail rows.


If the first table has just the right number of rows it pushes the second table toward the end (sometimes) and then results in that (2nd) table being broken between two pages. (e.g. the header is on page one and the two or one detail line is on the second page)


Is there any "easy" way to simply say a table must remain together. Thus instead of the header printing on the 1st page and the details on the 2nd overflow page it would just move the whole table to the second page??


Thanks in Advance!


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In the Tags Reference Guide, in the section titled "About Cell Tag Attributes" (on page 30 on my version), it says:

A secondary function of the vstraddle attribute is keeping the rows together when a table flows from one page to another. This makes it possible to create a table that cannot be broken by “vstraddling” all rows. If such a table does not fit in one text frame, FusionPro will not set the table during composition and, instead, will log it in the message file.
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