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Inline graphic(signature) placement


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I am brand new to FushionPro, in fact, I am still using my 15-day trial. I have spent that last 3 days(and nights) studying the manuals and browsing through the user forums. I have come accross an issue that I cannot find an answer for and would appeciate some help!


I am trying to "fine tune" a signature(PDF graphic) placement in the closing of a business letter. I would like to move the name and title that prints below my signature up so that there is not so much "white space" between the baseline of my signature graphic that contains descenders(lower case g) and the name/title that print below it.


In other words, I would like to apply a negative value in the "space before" attribute in the paragraph immediately following the inline graphic. I have tried this with no success. Is there a way to accomplish this?


Also, I need to use as an inline graphic because the postion for the closing in my letter will be variable up and down.


I hope this makes sense!

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