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Multi-Up templates (with a single column data source)?

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Hi all,

Suppose I am printing a coupon containing a variable coupon code. The static background is 3-up centered within an 8.5 x 11 sheet but the supplied data source has all the coupon codes in a single (spreadsheet) column. Normally, I just separate the codes into 3 columns and insert the variable fields accordingly. I was wondering if there is a way to setup this type of job without having to separate the data source into 3 columns? I know I can achieve this by using a FusionPro Imposer file but the artwork comes to me pre-imposed 3-up.


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You can do this by setting your data source to none. Then bring your data in as an external data file. You would set it up to loop the content in 3s and then repeat the record count to build out all your pages. However, this is an overly complicated way to do it and has potential for errors unless you are really familiar with how that method works. Personally, I would just setup a Pitstop action for the artwork that crops it down to 1, then use FusionPro Imposer to rebuild the imposition.

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You can set up a custom imposition sheet background.  Duplicate your static background page as a page of type Template, then you can create the "Set Imposition Background Rule" from the Event tab of the New Rule dialog to assign it as the background.  Then create another Body page of the 1-up size, and a 3-up FPI file.

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