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Datamatrix Barcode 2 fields w/Tab Between

Eric Patrick

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I'm setting up a Datamatrix barcode that has text information in field 1 "Sku" and then i want to it to horizontally tab to the next field "Qty" and populate that field with a number.

My coding is:


return MakeDataMatrixBarcode (Field("Sku") + ~0x09 + Field("Qty"), true, "TEXT", "6", "", "", "");


This gives me the barcode correctly but the tab doesn't work. Text "-10" is placed between the Sku data and the Qty data all in the first field.


I've tried using the coding from IDAutomation "~d009" but that just places "009" in between the other data. I have checked the scanner and it is setup for a US Keyboard.


What am I doing wrong?



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return MakeDataMatrixBarcode (Field("Sku") + ~0x09 + Field("Qty"), true, "TEXT", "6", "", "", "");

That's not the right way to insert either a literal tilde or a tab character into a string in JavaScript. It's interpreting ~0x09 as the "bitwise not" operator followed by the number 9, which does result in the number -10, as you can see in the example here:



I think you want to do this, and turn the "process tilde" flag to false:

return MakeDataMatrixBarcode (Field("Sku") + [color=SeaGreen]"\t"[/color] + Field("Qty"), [color=SeaGreen]false[/color], "TEXT", "6", "", "", "");

Or, using the ASCII code for the tab character:

return MakeDataMatrixBarcode (Field("Sku") + [color=SeaGreen]Chr(9)[/color] + Field("Qty"), [color=SeaGreen]false[/color],  "TEXT", "6", "", "", "");


Actually, looking at the spec, I think you can just put the string "~d009" in there, like so:

return MakeDataMatrixBarcode (Field("Sku") + [color=SeaGreen]"[/color][color=#008000]~d009"[/color] + Field("Qty"), true,  "TEXT", "6",  "", "", "");


See the DataMatrix barcode spec:


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Awesome Dan! Thanks for the help. The "\t" worked like a charm.


I tried the "~009" but it wouldn't work for me.

I think it will work if you use "~d009" (with a "d") and set the second parameter (use tilde) back to "true," as in the example on the IDAutomation site. But what you have is working, and seems simpler.

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I need to do the same but using a linear barcode. I tried using 128 barcode and 39 barcode. Do you know if I need to download a specific font?


This is my rule:

return Make128BBarcode("03" + "~d009" + Field("numero"));


I also tried:


return Make128BBarcode("03" + "\t" + Field("numero"));


It ends up scanning symbols instead of the tab.



Giovanni Razo

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