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Collect finished with possible errors


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This is a different message on my new computer

Sorry what forum/area should this question be on?

Collection Directory:
Data Files:
Graphics resource files copied: 1
  /Users/gail/Desktop/IASA_Chapter_NP_2021_Sep-06-2023_06-23-20/Swift Notepad9.21.23.pdf
Text resource files copied: 0
Page media files copied: 0
Imposition files copied: 0
Following files are generated for server composition after collect.
Data Definition File:
  /Users/gail/Desktop/IASA_Chapter_NP_2021_Sep-06-2023_06-23-20/Collect/Swift Notepad9.21.23.def
DIF format file:
  /Users/gail/Desktop/IASA_Chapter_NP_2021_Sep-06-2023_06-23-20/Collect/Swift Notepad9.21.23.dif
Configuration File:
  /Users/gail/Desktop/IASA_Chapter_NP_2021_Sep-06-2023_06-23-20/Collect/Swift Notepad9.21.23-o.cfg

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I've moved this to a new thread.  You can just click the "Start new topic" button at the top of any page to ask a new question, instead of replying to an existing thread.

I don't see any errors in the log file.  Are there problems with the collected files?  What are you doing with them after collecting?

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