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Versioned and Static Product Into One


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I am reaching out regarding a request related to MarcomCentral. Could someone please assist me in creating a rule that accomplishes the following:

Since MarcomCentral doesn't offer a product in which a user can choose to directly download a static flyer or a versioned flyer within that one product, I am trying to create something that comes close to it. I would like to create a versioned product in which a user will have the option to personalize it only if they want to. If a user chooses not to personalize, they can simply download the static version of the flyer, as it is built into the template. However, if they want to customize the flyer, they would then select "Yes," and then they would get the option to fill in all the necessary fields.


If the user chooses "No," the system will automatically output a static version of a flyer, which is built into the template. They can then proceed to download it without any further modifications.

If the user chooses "Yes," they are directed to a customization interface.

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