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Format PDF to Include Pages and Page Numbers


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I am reaching out regarding a request related to MarcomCentral. Could someone please assist me in creating a rule that accomplishes the following:

I am working on creating a booklet and want to provide my users with the option to choose from five different covers. What rule would enable this choice for my users? Are there any additional steps required to achieve this? I assume the PDF cover pages would need to be stored within my library. Additionally, within the booklet, there are two pages that can be inserted immediately after the cover. However, users have the flexibility to exclude them if they prefer. I'd like the page numbering to begin right after the cover, so if the user decides to include the first two additional pages, the numbering will start from there. If they choose not to include those two pages, the numbering will start as if they were never selected.


The booklet has the following covers:

  1. Landscape Photography Cover
  2. Portrait Photography Cover
  3. Wildlife Photography Cover
  4. Street Photography Cover
  5. Abstract Photography Cover

User A chooses the "Landscape Photography Cover" and includes the two extra pages. In this case, the booklet's page numbering would start right after the chosen cover and include the two additional pages. So, it would look like this:

Landscape Photography Cover
Additional Page 1 (Page 1)
Additional Page 2 (Page 2)
Content of the booklet starts here... (Page 3)

User B, on the other hand, selects the "Wildlife Photography Cover" but decides not to include the extra pages. In this case, the numbering would start directly after the chosen cover without counting the additional pages:

Wildlife Photography Cover
Content of the booklet starts here... (Page 1)

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You can include all of the cover pages in your template, and mark them all as named Unused Body Pages, then in OnRecordStart, you can call FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage("page name here", true) to activate the ones you want based on the data (from the user's selection).

You can also create the OnPageNumber Event rule to do math and adjust the output page number, also based on the data.

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