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I am reaching out with a request related to MarcomCentral. I need assistance in creating a rule to achieve the following:

I want to provide my users with the option to preview a product version, but on my end, I need to view a different version based on their responses to certain questions. For instance, the user should see the business card they created, while I should see the same business card with an additional page meant exclusively for my eyes.

Your help in setting up this rule would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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You can certainly have additional pages turned on an off conditionally in a FusionPro job, either with Overflow pages, or by calling FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage as appropriate in OnRecordStart, but I'm not sure of the capabilities of the online preview in MarcomCentral.  Again, this is a question for the MarcomPortal-specific forum, or Marcom support.

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46 minutes ago, AngelBenitez said:

I've always been curious about overflow pages and how to implement them. Could you please direct me to a forum or resource that guides me through the process?

There's a section in the User Guide that explains overflow pages.  Also take a look at the Statement tutorial.

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