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If the Date value is present, I need a dash, if not, the dash and date need to not show, help?


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I am trying to put a date range with a separating dash, but if the end date is not present, I need the the separating dash to disappear.

so if there are both dates (example): 10/13-10/14

if there is no ending date (example): 10/13

I've been able to do a hidden dash with times, but I cannot figure out how to do the hidden dash trick with a date and keep all the date options.


I converted the Date format to JavaScript which is the following code:

// 01_enddate1format - ID82 - v01 - cat
// Rule converted from XML Template "Format Date":
// Begin XML Template selections //
var dateField = "enddate1"; // "Choose the date field:" (Required): FieldOrRuleList
var format = "M/d"; // "Choose the format:" (Required): PickList ["M/d" (3/14), "M/d/yy" (3/14/01), "M/d/yyyy" (3/14/2001), "MM/dd/yy" (03/14/01), "MM/dd/yyyy" (03/14/2001), "d/M" (14/3), "d/M/yy" (14/3/01), "d/M/yyyy" (14/3/2001), "dd/MM/yy" (14/03/01), "dd/MM/yyyy" (14/03/2001), "d/NNN/yyyy" (7/Mar/2001), "dd/NNN/yyyy" (07/Mar/2001), "d/MMM/yyyy" (7/March/2001), "dd/MMM/yyyy" (07/March/2001), "MMM d, yyyy" (March 14, 2001)]
var useDashes = false; // "Use dashes (-) instead of slashes (/)": CheckBox
var includeWeekday = false; // "Prepend weekday name": CheckBox
var language = "English"; // "Language (for day and month names)": Language
// End XML Template selections //

if (dateField != "enddate1")
    var theDate = "";
    var theDate = DateFromString(RuleOrField(dateField));

if (useDashes)
    format = ReplaceSubstring(format, "/", "-");

if (includeWeekday)
    var delim = "";
    if (format.indexOf(',') > -1)
        delim = ',';
    format = " - "+ "EE" + delim + " " + format;

return '-' + FormatDate(theDate, format, language);



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2 hours ago, Cat said:

And the winner is:

if (Filed("enddate1") == '')
  return Rule("01_startdate1format")
  return [Rule("01_startdate1format"), Rule("01_enddate1format")].join('-');

Thank you Mr Korn!

That could be accomplished in a single statement, like so:

return [Rule("01_startdate1format"), Rule("01_enddate1format")].filter(String).join('-');


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