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Suppress a form field based on value selected from a pick list field for MDSF


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I am working on a business card using FusionPro for MDSF. The client wants the users to select their Department from a drop-down pick list. If the user isnt in one of the department options, they want the user to be able to enter a new department manually. I created 2 fields... The first one is a parent field called "Select Department" which is the pick list with 14 department name options, and another option called "Other". The second field is child field called "Other Department" that populates with the value I assigned to each of the pick list options. They DO NOT want the user to be able to select a department from the "Select Department" pick list, and also enter a second department into the "Other Department" field.

I want the "Other Department" field to hide/suppress from the form if one of the 14 departments are selected from the "Select Department" pick list field. However if "Other" is selected from the pick list I want the "Other Department" field to show/display in the form. How would I do this using javascript.

I asked FusionPro support for help, but wasn't able to get all the info I needed to actually bring their suggestion into reality... Any Help?

This is what FP support advised:

"Create a rule that says if "Other" is selected in the "Choose Department" field, then the "Other Department" field should become visible and editable. 
If any other department is selected, the "Other Department" field should be hidden or read-only. 

This way, when users select "Other" from the dropdown, they'll see and be able to enter their department in the "Other Department" field. If they select any other department, the "Other Department" field can be suppressed or set to read-only to prevent accidental entry. 

FusionPro's conditional rules feature allows you to dynamically control the behavior of form fields based on user input, providing the flexibility you need to create user-friendly and interactive forms. You can set up these rules within the FusionPro Designer tool."

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You're talking about the Web Collect functionality, and using that to create an HTML form on DSF?  That Web Collect feature doesn't have the ability to hide or disable a pick list based on the selection in another pick list.  Likewise, rules in the FusionPro template can do a lot to handle the data from the Web Collect form in various ways, but you can't control how the web form works with a JavaScript rule in your template.  You'll probably need a custom web form of some kind to accomplish what you want.  I would reach out to DSF support. 

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